Sunrise Swimming offers a variety of levels to benefit all incoming swimmers, whether you are new to the sport or have been involved for many years. Here’s a list and small description of the available groups. Advancement to a more difficult group will be determined by the coaching staff. 

Tryout information is below description of the groups.

All groups below are required to pay a registration fee upon joining.  This fee is for United States Swimming Registration.  New registrations are $75, and renewals are $65. 

** Please note new fees as of 1/1/12**



Strokes-n-Fun Group

This group serves as an introduction group for competitive swimming.  Participants must be able to swim across a 25 yard pool without help and have a basic understanding of the 4 competitive strokes.  All four strokes are developed on a fundamental level in a low pressure environment.  Competitive starts and turns are also introduced.  Competition is not mandatory, but is valuable and encouraged. 

  • Practice Times:  5 - 6pm Monday through Thursday 
  • Group Cost:    
    • 2 practices per week $50 per month
    • 3 practices per week $55 per month
    • 4 practices per week $65 per month


Fitness Group

This is a group for middle and high school swimmers who want to improve their strokes as well as their endurance level.  Stroke technique and introductory training is offered in a low pressure environment.  Competition in local swim meets is not mandatory.

  • Practice times:  6 - 7pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Group cost:
    • Up to 3 practices per week:  $50 per month


Junior Olympic 1 Group

The JO1 group begins to refine the four competitive strokes and introduces more advanced training and racing techniques for swimmers.  Physical training is introduced.  Competition in the local meets is not mandatory, but participation in meets is strongly encouraged, and will benefit the continued education of our swimmers.

  • Practice Times:  5 - 6:30pm Monday through Friday; Saturday - TBA
  • Group cost:
    • 2 practices per week $55 per month
    • 3 practices per week $70 per month
    • 4 practices per week $75 per month
    • 5 practices per week $80 per month


Junior Olympic 2 / Senior Group

The JO2 / Senior group emphasizes physical training and perfection of stroke technique.  Dryland training is a part of this group.  Swimmers in this group have committed to the sport as their main activity.  Competition in local and away meets is expected.

  • Practice times:  4:45 - 7 pm Monday through Friday, Sat TBA
  • Group cost:  

                 2 practices per week $70 per month                                                                            3 practices per week $75 per month                                                                            4 practices per week $80 per month                                                                            5 practices per week $90 per month


Master’s Group

Our Master’s program is for adults, and can accomodate beginners and serious competitors alike, including triathletes.

  • Practice times:  6 - 7pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Group cost:
    • 1 - 4/5 practices per week $50 per month 


 In order to register, we will need 2 payments:

  • Training fees made out to City of Sunrise
  • Registration fees made out to Sunrise Swimming




  Open tryouts are Monday through Thursday at 5:00pm.   No appointment is necessary.   One of the coaches will take a few minutes to watch you swim to determine which training group is appropriate for you. 

All tryouts take place at the Sunrise Civc Center Pool, located at 10610 West Oakland Park Blvd, Sunrise, FL.

The basic requirement for our beginning group, Strokes-n-Fun, is that participants must be able to swim across a 25yd pool without help and have an understanding of the 4 competitive strokes.  

If your child is not ready for the swim team, we may recommend private and/or group lessons.  Please see our Swim Lesson tab for further information.

Questions?  Feel free to contact us or call us at 954-747-4635